02/19/2015 – J. Hastings
Fitted 1 long and 1 short stair handrail, having sourced and collected the necessary supplies from a local Home Depot that he charged at cost. He solved all the challenges that the job threw up in a professional manner e.g his electronic stud finder didn't work because of the finish on the stairwell walls, so he did a lot of tapping and listening. First rate job.

01/12/2015 – G. Ewell
Service was professional; clean and very well completed. I would use again.

02/10/2015 – P.  McMartin
Came for the estimate when they said they would; arrived for the work at the agreed to time.  Was patient, meticulous.  Did a very nice job replacing the threshold, adjusting the weatherstripping on the door.  Was very careful with drop cloths and so on to keep the area around the work clean.  Cleaned up after the work itself was done.

12/11/2014 – R. Law
Company responded timely and Andre did a terrific job of replacing some dry rot on the entrance
woodwork. He replaced some dry wall in the garage and he placed a smoke detector. I called them
back to replace a side to a garden shed. Andre did a super job.

08/14/2014 – BRIAN F.
"It went excellent. My parents had many contractors come and go while they were getting their home ready for sale..And I had an excellent experience with Andre and Natasha..So I told my parents I will handle this job for them. Called Natasha and she sent Andre over next day..He was done in several hours. He is a big tall guy and easily ripped that wall paper down. And he just worked without breaks or any words..So many contractors that we used complained to us about personal problems or how they were missing a game or party because they were here doing work for us that they wanted..And it was a breath of fresh air to meet Andre and Natasha..They are like the Army..They come, they do it right the first time, and they leave..And all for about 60% less then what others were asking..They buy what they need foir the job..show you receipts,,and do the job. Best people to do work on your home or office..will repeat if parents call me and need help with home jobs.."

01/13/2016 – J. Robertson
"Contractor did an excellent job. Would highly recommend."

03/21/2015 – C. VOLK
"With the winter weather, it took a while for the work to be scheduled.  They kept in touch with me from time to time to let me know they have not forgotten me and to schedule the work.
The work was meticulous!  The door now operates effortlessly.  The rotten wood was replaced, caulked, and painted to match the exterior.  The weather stripping was replaced.  The job required two full days to complete, so I believe the price was more than fair.  The workmanship and quality of the job was excellent.  Andrey is a perfectionist! I would not hesitate to use this company again."

03/02/2015 – S. Gillespie
I purchased a Big Deal from Angie's List to hire a handyman (from Local Handyman Services) for 8 hours. I have needed help around my condo for a long time but have been very hesitant to hire someone whose work I wasn't familiar with.   But I decided that I couldn't lose on this Big Deal since I knew Angie's List would step in if there were any difficulties.
Well.......Local Handyman Services has been great!
(1)  They were prompt in following up as soon as I purchased the Big Deal.  They asked good questions about what I wanted to have done and were able to schedule the work when it was most convenient for me.
(2)  The handyman they sent (Andrey) was FABULOUS!   He was on time, knew exactly what I wanted done, asked me to walk thru the locations/type of work, was laser-focused on getting the work done, displayed a professional attitude, had the right tools, and had the technical skills to do what I needed.
And what was most incredible is that HE COMPLETED EVERYTHING ON MY "TO DO" LIST!  This included hanging 32 pictures (I told you I've needed things done for years!!)............I never imagined he would have been able to complete all this work; in fact, I had prioritized the pictures in the order of importance in case he ran out of time, but he did them ALL!
I am so pleased with the work Andrey did that I'm already making up my next list of handyman tasks.   And you better believe I'll be requesting Andrey from Local Handyman Services again!

10/30/2014 – J. Shapiro
We started using Local Handyman's big deal and expanded the work.  They were professional and responsive.  All work started/finished promptly and on time.  Price was fair especially considering that it was a lot of work.  The work itself was done with great attention to detail.  We were very pleased.
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Reviews from Angie's list...

08/14/2014 – B. FERGUSON
He went to Home Depot bought everything in one stop..Then he came and worked 12 hours the first day and finished up the next day by afternoon. The other contractors said it's a week long project..Andrey performed the job as if it was a military operation..In and Out..Fast..and High quality..It looked amazing...I had him come back a week later to do a custom install on a used air conditioner I wanted installed.. He did it in a couple hours for $100. I later sent him to help my parents with some house remodeling work because they were having trouble finding reliable contractors..Type your paragraph here.

07/28/2014 – V. Dunlap
I hired Local Handyman Services to remodel two bathrooms, a kitchen, and to install hardwood
floors in my house. They were very clean, minimum dust, prompt and finished in a timely manner. They
prepared a contract which had specific dates and a time frame for completion. They finished two days before the deadline. I loved my remodeled kitchen and the rest of the work that they did. I always get complements on my kitchen, on my floors, and on my bathrooms. I always recommend this company to my friends.neighbors.    Type your paragraph here.



11/11/2014 – Robert Marlin
We are extremely pleased with the overall service and the results.  Local Handyman Services immediately contacted us and promptly responded to all our questions (and there were many).  They were able to obtain the crown molding that we preferred and installed the molding on the very next weekend.  They were very professional and took the extra time and effort to cover our furniture and to not damage anything in a relatively constrained space.  They even took their shoes off (without us asking)!  This was the very first time that we used Angie's List and this particular contractor.  Based on our experience, we will certainly use Angie's List and Local Handyman Services in the future and recommend them both to our friends.

05/31/2014 – J. Tessmer

The work was done efficiently and with great care. I have used Local Handyman Services in the past
for a variety of repairs that were beyond my capability. Each time they performed expertly, on time and
on budget. I have recommended them in the past and will continue to recommend them in the future.